God or Man-Who is He?

He bathes in 108 pots of cold water and falls ill and  he wears warm clothes like any normal human.Yet without hand and foot he takes the offerings of his devotees and changes his appearance as per his devotees-sometimes as Ganesha,sometimes as King and sometimes as Rama or Krishna.The question therefore that naturally come to one’s mind is-“He is God or Man?”

This subject is none other than the ruler of the hearts of crores of people called Jagannath.Like humans he have a brother Balabhadra his wife Bimala,a sister Subhadra her husband Arjuna,two wives Laxshmi and Satyabati,an assistant Sudarshan,a mother Dakshin Kali,a father-in-law Mahodadhi and many more…yet like God he is the omnipresent prabrahma Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of Alwarnath.Some say he is the creator some say he is the created.The more one gets into his mysterious world the more one is confused about the reality of fact.

Like God he helps all his devotees irrespective of the caste,religion etc yet like humans he has a family of tribal descends who have the right to touch him,to move him and is untouchable to others…For Ganapati Bhatt he takes the incarnation as Ganesha,for Tulsi Das he takes the figure of Rama and for Alwarmuni he is Alwarnath.Yet for the Gajapati of Puri,Jagannath and Balabhadra are two sepoys of his army that went to fight the battle of Kanchi

In summers like normal man he goes on a 21-days boat trip in a lake to relax,then bathes in 108 pots of water and succumbs to fever.For 15days he doesn’t meet anyone because he is under treatment.Do God fall ill?Is he really having fever or is it his some secret strategy??Due to fever his muscles are weak and he is massaged with a special oil daily.Then on the 15th day he is in fine fettle and like a God receives the prayers of his devotees.In winters he wears warm clothes,goes for picnic and maintains a very beautiful flower garden.Yet like God he receives the prayers to bring rain and in fact order the rain Gods to rain in time.

Like God sitting in Puri he stands by his devotee in trouble in a place as far a America but again that same God needs to be carried out by the daitapatis during Rath Yatra to meet his devotees.He has a chariot whose structure and construction is above the imagination of an automobile engineer.The chariot’s engine is not pulled by few horse powers but by lakhs of horses(i.e Humans).It has no driver but still it never detracts from its path.

If I sit to make comparisons then may be I’ll never be able to end it in this lifetime..but what I can do is to put this question to you viewers to answer                                      “GOD OR MAN-WHO IS HE”


Team Anna Vs Team Sonia

As the days are passing by the battle between the civil society representatives and the govt. representatives are beginning to worsen.Today and tomorrow will be a decisive day….But will it really be decisive?? or is it going to be the same mud-fight again??

In one of his recent interviews I saw Anna calling the Prime-Minister a remote controlled one.So if not directly but indirectly Mr.Anna is reciting the same line that Mr.L.K.Advani did in 2009 elections.What is important to understand here is no matter whether the PM is controlled by anyone higher or not his focus should be solely on the issue for which millions of Indians are standing behind him.Leave the slagging part to the political parties.

Team Sonia’s most powerful,influential,and Sankat-Mochak Pranab Da seems to be tired and thats the reason why Mr.Sibal is doing all the talk.But Pranabji is a very calculated politician and i hope he will understand that removing the PM,MPs,Judges from coming under the Lokpal’s purview will make this bill not historic but HIS-Story….The simple question that will come to anyones mind is whats the use of such a bill that can’t bite the most corrupt society of this country.The team controlled by Madam Gandhi must be aware that if they do such blunder then surely the road to 7RCR in 2014 is gonna be difficult and dreams of the then 44+ aged Rahul Gandhi to become the PM of India may be shattered.

Team Anna on the other hand must take lessons from Ramdev incident and not waste their time debating with a theocratic govt.They have the people behind them and the momentum waiting so Anna Hazare and co. should go from door to door to every house in India and educate the people to vote out this corrupt govt. in the 2014 elections and show them right path to vote the right person

On 16th August,2011 if Anna sits on a fast then he’ll be the next Swami Nityananda,because his shouts will only reach deaf ears

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