The Indian Independence movement incorporated the efforts by Indians to liberate the region from British rule and form the nation-state of India. It involved a wide spectrum of Indian Political organizations,philosophies,and rebellions between 1857 and India’s emergence as a unified nation-state on August 15,1947.

The initial rebellion of 1857 was sparked when the soldiers serving the British East India Company’s British army mutinied and the indian kingdoms rebelled against the british.After the revolt was crushed,the british partitioned the region into british india and Princely States.They tried to develop a class of educated elites,whose political organizing sought Indian political rights and representation. However,increasing public disenchantment with the British authority-their curtailing of indian civil liberties(such as Rowlett Act.),political rights,and cultures as well as their avoidance of basic issues facing common indians and an essential non-acceptance of foreign occupation-led to an upsurge in revolutionary activities aimed at overthrowing the European colonial power,particularly the British.

The movement though existed since the times of Rani Laxmi Bai and co. of 1857,the moderates led by Dadabhai Naoroji and co. but where not able to capture the entire  mass and so were not able to shake the roots of the british kingdom.The movement came to lime lite between 1918 and 1922 when the first series of non-violent campaigns of civil disobedience were launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi whose methods were to a large extent similar to the methods of  Baba Ram Singh,a Sikh who led the Kuka Movement in Punjab in 1870s. Gandhi’s movements came to encompass mass from across India and across all walks of life.These initial civil disobedience movements soon came to be the driving force that ultimately shaped the cultural,religious,and political unity of a diverse nation.

Committing itself to Purna Swaraj in 1930,the congress led the mass struggles between 1930 and 1932.By the late 1930s,however,with the growing disenchantment over the delaying tactics of the Raj and the Congress’s failure to extract commitment on self-rule and political independence,a faction within the movement turned towards the radicle ideas of Netaji. Bose‘s actions proved controversial among the congress party but popular within the Indian populace,when Bose defeated Gandhi’s candidate in leadership elections in the Tripura session of the congress working committee. However this was parting ways for the radicals and the conservatives. Bose left the congress to found his own party during the war,seeking first Soviet and then the Axis help to raise a liberation force the Indian National Army in 1942 that saw through a unique military campaign to end the British rule. Following the trial of the INA officers at the Red Fort,mutinies broke out in the Navy,Air Force and the Army.The congress also led a civil disobedience movement in 1942 demanding British to Quit India.Following this the wide-spread communal rioting in Calcutta,the Raj ended on the mid-night of 15th August.1947,but only at the expense of the partition of the country into India and Pakistan.

The point that the author wants to make by putting forth the above history of the Indian Freedom Struggle is to ask a simple question…Are we independent even today after 64 years of being officially Independent???? Our forefathers have struggled hard to make India a free land and establish a Ram Rajya, where there  is peace,harmony,brotherhood,love,equality,justice and establishment of Dharma……But today where are we? Is this Rajya we are leaving in is a Ram Rajya or a Ravana Rajya? We are leaving in society where there is no respect for the supreme creation of God-Mother, there is no respect for the women-they are raped,molested,murdered(even before they are born).Here there is no helping hand for the hands that taught us how to walk,how to talk,how to eat….infact how to leave-The old parents are left to perish by their children…..Corruption as become an important constituent of our Blood.The very air we breathe in is polluted with the gases of hatred,jealousy,intolerance and bias feelings…The list will continue as it a vast ocean.But just think once if independence means to molest an innocent girl,neglect our parents in their old-age,kill our brothers because they are of other religion etc…then whats the use of being Independent? Its better to be dependent on someone(at least we can blame our master for our misfortune)…..

64 years have passed……Gandhi,Nehru,Bose,Laxmi Bai,Tipu Sultan,Tatya,Lal-Bal-Pal,Bhagat Singh and many have already laid their lives in the Yajna of Swatantrata. Now  its our turn to give our offerings to achieve independence at moral level.If we fail to donate now then probably after some more time some other author will ask the same question”ARE WE INDEPENDENT?????”


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6 Responses to INDEPENDENT….ARE WE????

  1. sanghamitra says:

    gud thoughts 2 reflect upon…

  2. Aditya Agarwal says:

    liked it !

  3. sanghamitra kar says:

    Yes,how independent are we? leaves a trail of question in mind.When we ponder about it,the first answer comes to mind is No.Perhaps we have not understood or realised the true meaning of it.The second citizen status,corruption,scams,political fiasco and thousand other points lead to only one answer “NO”.We Indians reached a state of anarchy .Lack of role models demotivates young Indians.It’s not that young people are not inspired,but there are so many to throw a spanner into their aspirations that all their inspirations die a premature death.Yet everything is not lost.My question to you children,Can you become the instruments of change?Can you bring the awareness in the society through your pens and speeches and actions?Make it happen .Will be proud of you Anshuman.

    • Ansu says:

      Thank u Ma’am….my family and teachers have always taught me that country is first….if God will give me strength then i’ll definitely some day raise both my pen and my voice and try to become an instrument….but whatever i’ll do will be like a drop of water…but we will be positive as “Boond Boond se hi to sagar banta hai”

      • Pratik mohanty says: may not matter to the whole society…..but will surely make a difference on your part…..hv all the wishes…n m with u dude…..

  4. Ansu says:

    thank u pratik..if many more pratiks like u join hand together den it will matter the whole society

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