From East to West


From east to west

  The sun moves without rest

 And we say India is the best

  From time of Indus valley

India was the place of cultural rally

But then came the culture of west

That challenged our very crest.

Many wars were fought

As vedas was not just a thought

But a knowledge to be taught

As western culture challenged our ‘cult’

In east we say sun sets in west

But there they say earth rotates to east

There is difference in living

But same is the blood flowing

Same is the air respired

Then why we fought and expired

Festivals are full of colour here

But there nothing goes without beer

For them God is only Jesus

But for us He is Ram_Allah_Isu and buddhas

They have no fight in name of Him

But riot is common here for Him.

From east to west

When I go in quest

I findits not just the spelling

But also the style of living.

That makes west different from ‘east-being’

East values the cost of life

But west never values its own wife

Divorce is a catastrophe here

For then it is case crystal clear

When they listen to raps and damage there ear

We listen to vocals that are in ‘sur’

On going to west

I felt I was lost

When I saw parents working

Even when their hairs are graying.

Old-age home is a celebrated palace there

How can someone live there??

West has lots of money

Still in life there is no honey

But in east even without a penny

We enjoy the curry

Tasty when mother cooks it in a hurry

Mother for east is God in flesh

For them she is only a machine of baby mesh

When rain comes we thank ‘Indra’

They say ‘shit we missed the satellite Chandra’

From east to west

I felt it’s a tour of waste

As I can’t stay in this pest

As for me my India is the best

The essence of the soil

Forces me to be its foil

Why go west and spoil

The knowledge that will not boil

If my staying here

Will give millions cure

Then why have such lure

When there is love here for sure

Rightly someone said

East or west India is the best

As I didn’t find another India

When went on my quest




About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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One Response to From East to West

  1. sanghamitra says:

    very well put up…

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