Getting Wet in Rain

Getting wet in rain


I felt no pain


As the sky decided to drain


To make the earth grain.


Rain is water for brain


But love for some-one in love


The king of season is spring


But of romance is rain


Walking by the road


I saw a hoard


Below which stood a girl


With a beautiful necklace of pearl


Just the sang the God of Rain


As if he was waiting for her to pass the road-main


Her hairs were long and eyes blue


That fixed my eyes with glue.


Just then the first drop of rain made her flew


Why was it I don’t know


But my bike was in full flow


To give her a lift from the rain blow


Knowing that my class was going to glow.


The rain was so harsh


That she finally took my ‘ashra’


As I was the only one there on the day of ‘barsha’


We went inside a door


That led to a well furnished floor


Of the college class-room


Sitting on a magical-broom


She was drying her hair


And I was watching how fair


She was in that purple glare.


She smiled at me


And my heart went from me-to-we.


She said I am Neha Mithilesh


Rhyming it I said I am Kamlesh.


Just the a drop of water fell on my eyes


I thought it was from her hair-dye


But when the eyes opened


I saw my dress wettened.


I called for Neha in a hurry


Then all eyes turned at me in mystery


I realized that it was a dream


In which I was in land of cream.


My friends asked who Neha is


Fumbling I said she is Neha Mithilesh


Friend of my friend Kamlesh


Whom I saw in dream


While getting wet in the rain cream


My dream was broken


So all asked me are you in pain


Then I said no “I was just getting wet in rain





About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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