Gift me my Childhood

When I completed my last teen

God came to my dream

And said he wants to give me some boon.

I thought what shall I ask

As I have my parents in his mask

Yet he insisted “you must ask”.

Then started a series of thinking

As I recalled my past with every eye blinking

I recalled the road where I was playing

The sweets over which I was fighting.

There were times when I was laughing

But the very next moment ended crying

Thinking of a these I said “Is God Joking?”

I have had frineds with whom I was loitering

As at times school was boring

It was a fun then to eat my lunch by sharing.

How nice were those days

When I only gazed at the skies

To find out how many stars were twinkling.

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder where you are

Will you never come to my life that is bare??


I thought of days in park

When I was chasing the butterfly

But the days slipped off just like the fly.

Now I have grown beard

So I am not in a child’s herd

But my heart is still asking for the child bird.

I have had friends, all are but gone

Still I wish that someday I’ll meet them at dawn.

Then I thought of the ‘melas’

Where I use to eat ‘kelas’

Wih my father’s shoulder as my ‘chelas’

Now if I use those shoulders

Then they will have only fractures

Since I have grown to my father’s stature

How lucky were those days

When for every mistkes there was no canes

But today if you do a mistake

Then you are deemed to fall in ‘cas-ket’

That was the time when smile was pure

And scolding followed tears for sure

But now smile is in wages

And tear is followed by revenges.

The two doves with branch of olive

Was very symbolic then to live

As it was the period of mental peace

Without having grudge on anyone unpeace

Those were the days when gold was yellow

And I was a dirty fellow

Clinching to my pillow

So I asked God “if you are so kind

And want to give me what is in my mind

Then fill this world in brotherhood




About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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