O My Brave Index Finger

Time and again you are punctured

For droplets of blood

Yet you never complained of pain

As you are well cultured.

At times I wonder

How you are so sober

Then my heart says

O my brave index finger!

Are you gifted with some natural anaesthetics?

Or are you having powers of an asthetic?

For you never cry nor rage

When the needle cuts your edge.

You are the most wanted hero

Because without you every medical report is zero

It is your blood in the laboratory

That is used by phsio,patho and biochemistry

To make a patients’ problem a history.

O my brave index finger!

You are a negotiator

As you are the only viewer

Of marriages made and broken.

You carry the weight of gold and diamond

Yet you never abuse like “Andrew Symond.”

O my brave Index finger!!

You are the spine of love

For you carry the ring of love

Which a lover gives to his beloved

To make there love ‘fevicoled’

You are the mark of sensitivity

As you carry all your duties with responsibility

You give blood to a medico

Love to a romeo

But nothing to a pshyco.

O brave index finger!!

People will come people will go

But what will remain is your stain

And the ring that was once your fame.

No matter who says what

For me you are always smart.

O my Brave index finger!!!!!