Wounded Women of World

“Woman … is the divine object, violated, endlessly sacrificed yet always reborn, whose only joy, achieved through a subtle interplay of images, lies in contemplation of herself.” 

These were the lines of Pauline Reage in his introduction to The Image. How true is each word of this quote. Woman is the divine object probably the most precious creation of God. The role one single woman plays in her entire life time is many and that to with perfection.

A woman is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a leader, an institution in itself and many more…Yet it is sad that today this all-rounder is being violated, endlessly sacrificed and disgraced in this society. In this 21st century the right of woman is being given importance no doubt. The steps that are being taken world wide for Women Empowerment are definitely commendable still just like a dog’s tail cannot be straightened the attitude of few in the society towards women can also not be altered.

It’s a fact not only in India but in other parts of the world where even today the fetus of  a girl child is killed within the mother’s womb. The doers never repent their crime and don’t hesitate to do it infinite number of times. To those honorable fraternities of the society I would just like to ask one  small question…Did you take birth from the sky or from the sea?? Had that womb that gave you life been destroyed in its primary stage would you have dared to breathe on this earth?? Think about this….

On one hand in today’s time we are talking about women empowerment and then on the other hand we don’t allow a deserving Public Servant to take charge of the highest office in her dept. just because of her gender. Today some of the top most countries are being run by a woman but is that all that women empowerment mean??But the dilemma of this world is such that a woman if has to roam in today’s world has to cover her up from top to bottom with aburkha“.There are big big reservation,projects and commitments made by men to give equal right to women. But when a woman is illiterate how can she enjoy all these facilities. No doubt we have 33% women MPs ,MLAs and MLCs but out of those I doubt whether 3% are taking decisions independently and without any fear of anyone.

Each day about 30% of the world’s women are being raped, sexually exploited, and burnt alive and tortured just because they can’t defend themselves. The opposite sex being more powerful muscularly takes credit in exploiting a woman. Each time a woman has been given chance to blossom we have had the Hillary Clintons, the Mannikarnikas, the Mother Teresa and AnnieBeasants that have challenged the very being of manhood. And therefore woman has always being suppressed “Woman is the only creature in nature that hunts down its hunters and devours the prey alive.”

Woman if looked from heart like the true friend will be an asset and not a threat. It’s high time we need to think of the wounded women of this world before it succumbs to death due to the uncontrolled bleeding from its wounded parts. For if the very existence of womanhood is threatened then the time is not too far when this world will just be an empty barren land with no life on it. Finally I would like to end with this poem of  John Milton which describes womanhood very rightly….

“Under his forming hands a creature grew,

Man-like, but different sex; so lovely fair

That what seemed fair in all the world, seemed now

Mean, or in her summed up, in her contained,

And in her looks; which from that time infus’d

Sweetness into my heart, unfelt before,

And into all things from her air inspir’d

The spirit of love and amorous delight.

She disappear’d, and left me dark; I wak’d

To find her, or for her ever to deplore

Her loss, and other pleasures abjure:

When out of hope, behold her, not far off,

Such as I saw her in my dream, adorn’d

With what all Earth or Heaven could bestow

To make her amiable: On she came,

Led by her Heavenly Maker, though unseen,

And guided by his voice; nor uninform’d

Of nuptial sanctity, and marriage rites:

Grace was in her steps, heaven in her eye,

In every gesture dignity and love.”


Are We Brahma???

In Indian mythology

Brahma is regarded as father of biology

He is the writer of our fate

And opens the gate of joy & sorrow for every vertebrate.

Childhood, adulthood and old age

Are the seasons of life in his cage

No man can live with age

If Brahma is in rage.

Like spring is the King of earthly season

Childhood is the age of vision

It is the best creation of the Almighty

As this when the thoughts come most brightly.

If this is the gift of God

Then who are we to deny His nod

And ask a child to wash

Our plates and eat the left-over dish.

Science can kill a life

But can never return a husband his dead wife

What science we talk of

When a child is kicked off.

For not doing a job

Satisfactory to the mob.

Articles are formulated

By lawmakers well talented

That a child below fourteen

Cannot work in a factory of tin

Failure of which will be a legal sin.

The rules are just written with pen

Actually there are fourteen children in their own den

Who work day and night

To make their life full of light.

Child labour is a crime

But how many of us give time

To think of this evil with importance prime?

They who work are poor of penny

But are we poor of money

For which we spoil a child’s age of honey?

Who are we to direct this drama

Where a child regularly lives in trauma

Are we Shiva, Vishnu, or Brahma????