Are We Brahma???

In Indian mythology

Brahma is regarded as father of biology

He is the writer of our fate

And opens the gate of joy & sorrow for every vertebrate.

Childhood, adulthood and old age

Are the seasons of life in his cage

No man can live with age

If Brahma is in rage.

Like spring is the King of earthly season

Childhood is the age of vision

It is the best creation of the Almighty

As this when the thoughts come most brightly.

If this is the gift of God

Then who are we to deny His nod

And ask a child to wash

Our plates and eat the left-over dish.

Science can kill a life

But can never return a husband his dead wife

What science we talk of

When a child is kicked off.

For not doing a job

Satisfactory to the mob.

Articles are formulated

By lawmakers well talented

That a child below fourteen

Cannot work in a factory of tin

Failure of which will be a legal sin.

The rules are just written with pen

Actually there are fourteen children in their own den

Who work day and night

To make their life full of light.

Child labour is a crime

But how many of us give time

To think of this evil with importance prime?

They who work are poor of penny

But are we poor of money

For which we spoil a child’s age of honey?

Who are we to direct this drama

Where a child regularly lives in trauma

Are we Shiva, Vishnu, or Brahma????




About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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