Endless Desires


Once upon a time

Ruled Dev the king of Wine

For whom his subjects were prime.

On a bright sunny day

The was out on his horse gray

To a land of fertile and rich crops bay.

The king wished to own

The land of beauty and fruits and well grown.

In that land of grain

Lived a man with specks of golden frame.

He had a vast business

Scores of servants busy for his wellness

The rich man set out on a tour

To the land in distant contour

On his way he saw a palace

Made of gold, silver and diamond used for necklace

Then he wished to be the owner

Of that palace constructed by a gold miner.

A beautiful princess lived in that palace

On that day she stood wearing an emerald necklace

She saw a handsome young man

And wished to make him her dream-man

In that palace lived a dog called “foam”

Who wanted to be free and roam

Just like his fellow dogs of Rome.

A cat sat in the verandah basking in winter sun

Just then he saw a rat run

And chased to eat it with bun

But the rat was in a mood of fun

So he gave the cat a chase under the sun

The tired cat then wished “Alas! I cannot have a rat-bun”

A fairy passing through the sky

Heard all the six cry

So she decided to make them happy

And full-filled the wishes in each ones tummy

Days passed by

The fairy was travelling in the sky

Then one day she went to that land of lime

To see how were the six creatures of time.

She was shocked

To find their eyes soaked

Because they were troubled by more desire

The king wanted more lands of attire

So did the rich man want more money

The princess desired many things for her hubby

The dog wanted to return to the palace

And cat wanted more rats to eat brakeless.

Only the rat had no wish

As the cat ate it with fish

The fairy now realized that in a living creature

“Endless desire” is an inbuilt human feature.