Staring the Scattering Stars


Lost in the fumes of pollution

Is the starry illusion

In big towns, cities and metros

Lost are the shines of tiny meteors

One will have to drive to the ‘ghat’

Or to an open field flat

To see the glare

Of the scattering star

How beautiful is that night

Where the sky is covered with stars bright

The constellations appear clear

When the sky is free of pollution’s sphere

The northern star accompanied us

As if it also a traveler in a rush

But actually true to its nature

It was acting as the sky’s constant feature

 Up the hill the wind was so cold

That to stand outside was a challenge for the bold

Still when you can tolerate the cold

You’ll see the sky full of shinning gold

The seven sages of Vedas

Were showering their blessings

When we discovered the constellation ‘saptrishis’

While seeing the scattering stars

A companion to the ghat

Asked me “hey pat

What are you staring

Come inside as your are shivering”

Smiling at that innocent

I asked him to join me

And enjoy the essence of pure natural scent

That will even make Shakespeare loose his accent

The night here is very dreamy

As the winds blowing are merry

The stars are playing hide & seek

Amongst the thick fog streak

Hands are getting chill

But the mind is still on a drill

To talk with those glaring

From the top and twinkling

At the poor humans down shivering

Its difficult expressing

That beautiful sight-seeing

In few lines rhyming

As the stars were scattering



About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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