Iswaar Allah Tere Naam

The 2nd of October is being celebrated all over the country as Gandhi Jayanti and world as International Non-violence in memory of someone who if alive today would have preferred to die unsung than being remembered for what he did.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi/Bapuji) was no less than an incarnation of some divine soul to be born in India. Today as I was going through the morning newspaper there were big big advertisements of various government sponsored programs organized for Gandhi Jayanti. Among those was one interview with the granddaughter of Gandhi in the New Indian Express. In that she expressed a very true fact. Nowadays Gandhi is remembered on 2nd October and 30th January in statues and photos and some baseless speech of politicians. But in reality the people have forgotten Gandhian teachings. No one believes in peace nowadays and equality of cast, creed, language, religion etc etc… All these have just become tools of vote-politics and some mode of establishing one’s superiority over the other.

We remember to wash and garland the statue of Bapu on any national occasion including his birthday. But is it from the bottom of the heart or is it just a formality. If it’s a formality then it is worthless to spend lakhs and crores of rupees in observing these days as when alive Gandhiji never celebrated his birthday nor anyone in his actual family celebrate even today. We say our respect for him is so much so that we have him on our currency note. Here also he has lost the respect with uncivilized people publishing fake-currency note with his face. A man who fought lifelong against the Bristisher’s forgery is now a part of forgery posthumously. This is our gift to the man who gave us freedom.

From freedom I am reminded what freedom he dreamed of where is it. The ‘Ram-Rajya ‘that Gandhiji dreamt of remained in the pages of his books and teachings on a free India. Actually it was never practiced in India even when his closest aides-de-camp Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru was at the helm of affairs for 18years post independence. 70 year down the lane what we see is a ‘Ravan-Rajya’ with no scope for Rama to survive. Anyone who follows the path of honesty, truth, non-violence, self-respect is either silenced or lost in the crowd of dishonesty, lie, violence, jealousy, hatred and corruption. In today’s India if you want to clean the mesh by making the system Gandhian type there is so many obstruction, pressure and back-stabbing that even Gandhi himself would have either succumbed to all these and changed his ideologies or would have gone to the Himalayas. 26th Jan, 15th Aug, and 2nd Oct are the 3 national observation days to commemorate the contribution of those great nation builders but what we do, we eagerly wait for these days as just another holiday. We don’t bother to think even for a min. about them.”Sab kaam khatam hone ke baad agar samay mila to ek msg kar de te hain Happy Republic/Independence/Gandhi Jayanti day” and that too when you have free sms. The situation of a thief messaging his friend “Happy Gandhi Jayanti am collecting photos of Bapu” while he is robbing a bank is not hypothetical. Murder is just a game or sport for many, raping a woman is a man’s ‘mardangi’ and dishonesty is an officer’s pride.

Did Gandhi dream of such India?? Just think if all the billions of  Indians just think for a minute about changing the sorry state of the land then the concept of ‘Ram-Rajya’ will not be idealistic. We can spend so much time thinking who will win the India vs. Pakistan t2o cricket match can’t we just not think for 1min for the land where we were born. Recently CNN-IBN conducted a survey about ‘Greatest Indian after Gandhi’ the result was something that I don’t want to focus on. But I just want to bring one fact out in public, what is the use of finding greatest Indian after Gandhi when we are not able to follow one Gandhi. According to me the greatest Indian after Gandhi is Gandhi himself until someone actually carries forward the ‘Gandhian’  torch ahead in the right path. Till then every Indian should himself to be the greatest Indian after Gandhi and work towards building a honest,respecting,non-violent,just,equal and tolerant Indian society. The true homage to Bapu will be paid when from the bottom of our heart we recite “Iswaar-Allah tere naam”.



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