Bharat’s Bestial ‘Baalatkaar’

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Bestiality is legally defined as the sexual intercourse by a human being with a lower animal and is considered as an unnatural sexual offence in the land of Bharat as per sec 377 I.P.C.  If few words in the current definition are changed it will describe the current status of our land’s law and order. According to that 23 years old young lady bestiality will be defined as ‘sexual intercourse/attempt to by men with an animal (usually a female human being).’ The print and electronic media is flooding us with sec-sec updates of what is happening all over the country especially in New Delhi in relation to this ‘balatkar’ which can well be termed as the Indian form of bestiality. There are protest rallies being held all over the country with people from all factions especially the student class coming out in huge numbers in black attire and a candle in their hands. Everyone has one appeal, to make a stronger law for rape cases, a rapist must be given the capital punishment, there should be decrease in number of VIP security personnel etc…

Let us take a hypothetical situation where all the above demands are full-filled. Even after this can anyone guarantee that we will not hear new cases of gang rape?? Can anyone attest that the all girls are safe??..These questions shouldn’t be taken lightly for these are the basic fundamental questions that need to be addressed if we want a better society. The answer is within us. It is first our mentality that needs transformation before any law is mutated. Even if there is an INDIAN RAPE CODE(I.R.C) to look into the cases of rape instead of the present sec  372,375,376,377 of I.P.C  there will be not much change. Criminals feel safer in the jails than outside so they won’t hesitate to do crime. If we go into the judicial history many cases of rape have ended up with life imprisonment and in some case death penalty. There are instances where people in past have been hanged under sec.304 and 302 I.P.C. along with a primary charge of I.P.C 376… but has there been  any decrease in number?? The answer we all know is NO. Then what is the use of demanding for a law. Our constitution already has so many laws that the system fails to maintain their order.  Anew law will only add few pages to the original constitution and to some extent will give some more armories for a rape victim to fight a legal case. But will that legal justice give her justice psychologically, socially, personally and permanently??  Will it give her a guarantee that she won’t we raped again in the future? That she will get a good future in a good family? Delhi gang rape is not a very rare/new case that it is drawing so much attention and our people are acting as if they were all ‘kumbhakarans’. I will describe it as a media exaggerated issue though for a good cause. But my personal feeling is that this awakening that we are seeing today on the rajpath of Raisina Hills should be directed in the right direction.

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What pains and makes the movements success doubtful is the background news associated with this. The situation is such that when a protest rally is marching through one lane of a city a girl is being raped in the adjoining lane. Just as the news was flashing that students have declared to convert rasina hills, ground into ‘Tahrir-square’ until the govt. assure of strong action, the next news that flashed is that a bar-dancer in Bhubaneswar was gang-raped. There was news of a woman raped 28years back struggling to get justice and that of a small girl being molested by her father in some village of Karnataka. The cases are endless and unstoppable until and unless the mindset is changes. There have been instances of many terrorists being trialed and hanged till death but has that reduced terrorism. Terrorism will persist till a good number of people believe in the delusion of ‘zehadi’ prosecution . Similarly rape, rapist and rape victim will persist till people thing that woman are only means of sexual pleasure and in some cases of people with nymphomania. Nymphomania medically is a form of impulse insanity and it can be seen only in insane. But when a sane person can also not control this impulse and commits a sexual blunder we are left with only two options- either we declare all sane person insane or we declare that nymphomania is a delusion of medical science and what happens is very natural.

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Hats-off to the judges who will distinguish this particular case as a rape and bestiality to proceed as per the sections 365 (kidnapping or abducting), 376 (2)(g) (gang rape), 377 (unnatural offences), 394 (hurting in committing robbery) and 34 (common intention) of IPC.  As charged by the Delhi Police. For a common le-man like me with a little knowledge of science (a/c to which human is also an animal) this barbarous act is a kind of bestiality. Here I will like draw the attention of the readers to yet another incidence of rape that had similar reactions of the public. It happened in Pipili town of Puri district, Odisha exactly one year back. There were similar protest rallies, bandhs, and demands for stronger laws against rape. The Odisha govt. did bring a special law in this relation that empowered strong punishment and hearing in a fast track courts. But the impact which is evident is very disheartening, in between 2011-2012 there has been 45cases (officially) of rape in the state capital itself as against the figure of 37 for the year 2010-2011. If we take the figure of rape cases in India even after introduction of fast track courts and a good number of strong punishment instances we will find the graph progressing geometrically forget about achievement of arithmetic progression.

The bigger problem therefore that needs to be addressed is to change the mentality of the society and stop this ever-hungry demon from growing. I would like to cite the example of Mumbai to prove my point. The females in Mumbai feel safe to walk alone on the streets even late-night because there women is held is held in high esteem. When a woman enters a public bus and there is no seat available for her a man promptly offers her a seat and he stands. But in other places there are people who very shamelessly ask the girl to sit on their lap. When a women utters “ah ouch” there are people rushing to help her in Mumbai but the sad part is that there are places where a girl raped, stripped and thrown on the street s not attended by a single person. The objective is not to tell that Mumbai is a very clean city(because rape infects Mumbai also) but the objective is to show a ray of hope. India is not the land where women are molested and used like a toy for sexual gratification but it is the land where women are worshipped like Goddesses. It’s just that we need to realize that when we worship woman as Laxmi,Durga, and Saraswati it is ‘mahapaap’ to molest their animated forms ,the daughters, mothers and sisters of the society. The challenge is to make woman safe and not just make laws or hang the rapists. The society need to stop dowry, female feticide ,prostitution ,molestation and start respecting the life of a woman. If the society changes its mindset then the demon of rape can be effortlessly uprooted. If all the 623, 724, 248 males of India take the responsibility of making Bharat a safe place for the each and every woman of India then that day is not far behind when we can hear of a rape free society. Rape and safety of woman is not a professional negligence on part of the govt. but a contributory negligence on part of the society +the govt.. The Mayan civilizations prediction of doomsday on 21-12-2012 may have been proved wrong technically but actually it will be proved right if this trend continues. The society’s ethics, cultures, and glories have definitely met with the doomsday and the onus on us now is to rise, awake and act against BHARAT”S BESTIAL ‘BALATAKAR

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