The Falling Humanity


This world is a very busy place

So busy that there is no moment of solace

Issues come and go like the wind

What remains is their impact.

People here are not bothered of feelings

For this world what matters are the earnings

Darwin had said “survival of the fittest”

This has brought human values to the lowest

What will go with us is nothing  but a zero

Then why suck money like a coward hero

A real hero is he who has high morality

Not he who is a millionaire celebrity

Silently we observe infants being raped

Then express our grief with few candles

Is that all we can do??

Do we have no other duty??

Someone had said “charity begins at home”

I say moral education should begin in the womb

Atleast this will save another ‘Guddiya’ from going to the tomb

Hence the empire of bestiality needs to fall like the empire of Rome




Slowly but steadily this will change

But what remains a question is its range

For the main culprits to escape are the “babus”

So first they need the “bamboos”

Can the society not rise like the phoenix

And make this place safe for every girl ?

Mission will be deemed complete when

A girl’s mother prays to bring her into is world

And not “naa aana iss desh meri lado”

I know its easy to speak and a write text

The real challenge is to practically change the next

So lets be the next world’s citizen

Where money is not above ‘eman’

And heart is the real ‘dhaan’

Come let us  join hands to be the change

With endless and selfless aim

And peace our hard earned wage

Morality shall no longer appear strange

And world will note face the heat of HIS rage.





About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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