Hope you can read it….

People say love has no language

People say love has no age

Then why is it that not read in one’s rage

As it is the heart that then bleeds inside a cage

Sign is enough to express the feelings

Then why we don’t understand when one stop speaking

As love is not a game of giving and taking

But it is something more than our power of imagining

Love is to read in a mother’s food

So is it present in a father’s advice good

Love is read in grandparent’s toys of wood

And love is in the cousins fast changing mood

All this is good and nice

Only when you can read in between the line

And not let love sublime due reasons not so prime

Hope you only could read thy mind…..

Life is no doubt the best learning experience

That teaches us moral values without much expense

It is this experience that help us remove the suspense

Over love’s deep and vast significance.

Silence at times is very useful

But if this silence is always misunderstood

To be silent is not an idea fruitful

So speak to clear what is not understood

Hope you can read it…..

At times you need to respect other’s feeling

Atleast honor the time they were giving

When you needed reason to remain smiling

And speak to them few words soothing

Time is said to be a good healer

But at times this time can be a killer

As relationships at times need some feelers

That act more just an ordinary breather

When we see a child working

We say the society is torchering

But have we ever spend time reading

The actual cause behind those innocent working

Only if you can read it….

Will you realise that the need love

Love alone will bring for them the dove

And peace will return with the branches of olive

To this land where God once used to live

A woman wants only some dignified place of respect

In return of her great sacrifice protecting our future prospect

But it is the degradation of love in all aspect

That woman now is a victim of gross mass disrespect

Love in friendship is a fortune

Distrust and confusion are only misfortune

That make relations destiny’s cartoon

But the memories are just our good fortune

Remembering which the misfortune will change it’s tune

as i step down the stairs thoughts come down

So all i can say thee is that



The Beacon in the Dark

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The ancient Indian scriptures have described ‘Prakruti’ or ‘Nature’ as a woman who gives birth and nourishes all the living organisms on this Earth. Man without woman is incomplete but it’s sad that even today she is considered to be man’s subordinate or slave. With passage of time human beings have developed but their humanity has under-developed. Earlier when man was not so developed our scriptures say women was a respected mother, wife, sister and daughter. But today it’s a matter of shame that woman is only looked as a mean to satisfy man’s vulturous desires, she is expected to oblige the atrocities done to her and she is called just a ‘Child bearing machine. Today when we talk of woman empowerment, gender bias,50% reservation, woman education and protection they sound more like an electoral promise rather than a since effort to change the society. Had there been sincere effort…

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