Before My Ink and Prayers Stop…..

Down the memory lane when I walk

With the memoir of our sweet-sour talk

I fail to chalk out the friendship’s depth

That depth which you said was the truth

Whether I was a friend or an acquaintance

Is the question whose answer is beyond my acceptance

For even today I believe that the fragrance

Which we call friendship still has existence

Existence!!  Or it is again a mirage

Stopping me from releasing the rage

Within me locked in thee hearty cage

Or is it just a hope with no ending range

HOPE, that someday you will realize

Our friendship was no deal with an expiry lease

But it’s a book waiting for its release

As you may forget every good thing in ease

But my memories will fail to cease

Neither will my prayer for your well-being decrease

Your actions raise the brow

Of those who never liked us grow

And bring tears with throbbing pain

In eyes that never that honored us again and again

   I always lived for other’s happiness

Thinking that you will be there in my sadness

But with passage of time it seems just a madness

As our friendship was never true in wholeness

Never complained to you for the hurting moments

Where my eyes searched for your clapping movements

When the world honored me for my achievements

Thy presence was this friend’s sole requirement.

When the camera wanted to capture

Our socially famous friendly gesture

You ruthlessly denied standing in a posture

With me as if it was an unhealthy culture

I still never complained to you of the pain

When your actions hurt me like arrows in a chain

For I believed our friendship will never go in vain

And someday you will realize that I am also in pain

Then you will apply some ointment on the injured crease

So my prayers for your happiness will never cease

You may accuse me for being judgemental

As you don’t realize this basic fundamental

That core also bleeds below a strong metal

Heart is not under control of one’s mental

A fight always require two sides

Where both have some egoistic tides

Which clash and blow away everything in a chide

Even then there is some good that still hides

I know my confession has hurt you till the core

But you have punished me for that even more

Make me think that the friendship we ever wore

Was just an imagination off the worldly shore

I was just an acquaintance and nothing more

My prayers will still grow like a tree of pine

For I still believe in these words of mine

Which I speak without any effect of wine

The song I ever wanted to sing with time

Is our sweet friendship’s soothing chime

Hope you don’t forget our friendship

If it ever truly existed in thy fellowship

From your side i may now not be a good friend

But my prayers for you will never cease from my end

You may think you are being cordial

But actually you are in a mode of denial

Even when I have compromised with your ordeal

As for me the friendship was never a deal

I never complained to your rude behavior initially

As I understood the pain I gave emotionally

Believe me the pain here was even more relatively

Because I believed time will heal things smoothly

But it seems you never missed me

Never missed our friendship as ‘we’

It’s high time I tell to thee

Cordiality you speak of I don’t see

Is this our friendship you said was true!!

“Our Friendship??”!! No its better to call

My friendship that’s bleeding due to the awl

Time will not heal anything at all

Until we maturely answer its call

I just hope you read this piece in complete peace

And think of that friend whom you forgot in ease

Hopefully before my ink and my prayers cease……….