Conquest is still On….

A friend of mine told Primer’s of ECG is the best
I must be having no difficulty in its quest
For you must have thought be its jest
As you are a the teacher best.

But who knew time will be so unrest
that it claimed you even before my test
before you could teach me and the rest
Who knew one year will pass in such haste
ECG is still a mystery which only you could conquest….

Teaching ECG requires special art
you were obviously the best Dr.Smart
but after you went to His abode in the divine cart
Thy teachings are my only guide like the periodic chart
and I still struggle to conquer that ECG brat. 

In my every success note you were at par
for even today when you are a star
you smile from above to heal my scar
you have guided me in your blessing’s car
hence you were not just another star

You may be leaving up there in peace
but in our good and bad times of ease
we miss your that smile that never cease
for you treated every needy even without fees
you are truly missed in moments those and these

Your teachings were excellent
that made us in our lives self-reliant
your art of living was always vibrant
when your memories are so torment
certainly you were someone brilliant.

Today when I again look up the sky
I see that star is still shining bright and high
sending me some invisible signals like wi-fi
making me feel that you are there within 
guiding me every now with eyes keen
for my conquest with is still ON….


About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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