Hello, Nirbhaya Here !!!

God created me for you

Without me you are not you

Still you give me a filthy view

Is this why you are the Gen new?

When born in some village or town

There was no one to gift me a gown

But when my brother cried in frown

Gifts were given in red green and brown

When I wanted to go to school

Dad said I must not talk like a fool

Mom said go and wash the clothes in pool

For school is for the boys dashing and cool

When my brother was eighteen

He went to an university for the teen

That’s when I lost my menstrual routine

Just to bear a child to my relatives keen

As my child grew With every passing time

I spent all my day singing him sweet chime

Yet today when I ask him for a drink of lime

He says he has no time for his work is prime

When my husband died in an accident

I delivered a girl unaware of the incident

But my relatives thought it was no coincident

And planned to kill the girl poor and innocent

“OH GOD WHY AGAIN” I cried in pain

For girls life here has no less than vain

Though same blood is running in the vein

The birth of a girl is a loss, while boy is gain

As I scolded the Lord up there with a glare

For he neither protected us nor did he care

My princess touched me with a feeling rare

Someone from within said “hello,Nirbhaya here?”

I knew she was His messanger, she was my dear

Yes yes Nirbhaya is very much here……


(This poem is dedicated to few special people in my life starting from my mother,grandmothers, aunties and a special friend(AS) who hav constantly inspired me to respect womanhood both in their presence and absence…Happy Women’s Day)


About Ansu

👨‍⚕️Doctor by profession Writer ✍🏻by passion Odia by birth Indian in thought n Expression...🇮🇳
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