Dawn to Dusk….


Scene : at Dawn

Those little birds singing in the sky
Moving away from the horizon to fly
Wakes me up to bid my friend good-bye
As its my time to see the beautiful earth shy
The skies are looking red in her blush
The clouds are moving swiftly in a rush
the grasses are moving like a brush
Ah!! that beautiful smile of my darling crush
The cycle of time starts henceforth
people start moving back and forth
some fighting for food and cloth
and some for the respect they worth
I see my darling crying at every corpse
be a man or animal all are her resource
she was smiling a while back like a rose
and now she is pale due the infectious source
Unable to see her in pain I show my rage
But when her son’s brains are in cage
I sent my message through a learned sage
Alas!! those fools thought it was my revenge
The skies were heated and yellow in my bark
Helpless in bringing a change i called the clouds dark
For I knew my mistress was going to love their spark
But it was her tears that overflowed in the lark.
The earth was now blooming in aroma
The animals were still in a mood of coma
Humans recovering from the rainy trauma
And Up here i saw her smiling at this drama

Scene 2: Dusk

Just as the things were returning to normal
I saw the birds returning to their nests in rural
singing the songs of love joy lessons of good moral
my dear blushed at me and the skies turned rubral
The handsome friend of mine came from his night duty
He smiled at me and said look at our that lady beauty
cometh what she never lost her this elegant bounty
Still those morons plunder her as if she their booty
People say I bring with me calmness
The cool breezes relives their tiredness
But the truth is its my helplessness
For she weeps the most in this darkness
I eagerly wait for the birds to ring the alarm
So that you can come and make her warm
Humans become demons and destroy her charm
And animals sleep like morons with their swarm
Dear Sun and moon up their in the sky
My emotions are blown up in the sky
What you see from dawn to dusk is my cry
And from dusk to dawn is one last try
For someday there will be a hope to fly..
                                           So said the Earth from her bay……



उठाया हूँ आज कलम….



कुछ लिखने के लिए जब उठाता हूँ कलम

आँखों के सामने आती है हर वो ज़ुल्म

जिसको लोग कहते है उनका धरम

वेदों का तो उड़ रहा यहाँ धुआं और चिलम

कहते है प्रेम का नहीं होता कोई मज़हब

फिर भी प्रेम का गला घोट कर भरते है अधब

उन को मानते है हम गुरु ये बात है बड़ी अजब

जब जब किया किसी ने विरोध, मौत मिला उनको तब तब

कुछ लिखने के लिए जब उठाता हूँ कलम

याद आता है इन नेताओं की कसम

न होगी हिंसा न होगा अन्याय हमारा है ये धरम

७० साल के बाद भी हटा नही ये भरम

गीता की शपथ ले कर लोग अदालत में झूठ बोलते है

और फिर भी हम कहते है सत्य मेव जयते है

बचपन में जिन माँ-बाप का हाथ धरे चलते है

उन्ही को हम बुढ़ापे में छोड़ते , घर से निकालते है

कुछ लिखने के लिए जब उठाता हूँ कलम

बूढी कांपती हाथें पूछती है “क्या फूटे थे मेरे करम”

दंगा में हुई अनाथ पूछती है क्या मिलेगा मुझे मरहम

मज़हब के बुरखे से बाहर भी क्या होगा कोई धरम…

कलम के दम पर बनाई और बिगाड़ी जाती है इतिहास

बस कलम चलाने वालों को होनी चाहिए इस शक्ति का एहसास

कलम से ही लाना होगा लोगों है खोया हुआ सहास

ये वो अस्त्र है जो करती सृष्टि में अन्नत विश्वास

हो रहा भावनाओं का आज मन्नन

कुछ लिखने के लिए आज उठाया हूँ कलम...