Everyday is a Poetry..

The sunrises in the east to set in the west

Oh! what boring ritual it must be for the sun

We are all busy in living a life without rest

And Some alms is all we get for this run…

These alms cant buy me a sound sleep

Niether can they stop the fast ticking clock

Then what for we give the meals a skip

And lock our dreams in a banks cloak.

People say poem is all about imagination

Its the work of those sitting ideal

Just ponder upon this wierd assumption

Isn’t our life a poem in real??

Everyday is poem and every man living is a poet….

The life we live today is that of a robot

Degrees are bought with few notes

A child has no right to chose his own boat

False familial legacy is damp and rot.

We have no time for imagination

Forget about keeping relation

Yet we boast of this illiteracy

And call our lives a matter of supremacy

In this world of machines requiring repair

Poems and poets bring some air fresh

So that live sound better, above all despair

Everyday is poetry and every man living is a poet…