दुनिया का शोर

वीरां-सी डगर पर, जब

मैं खुद को समेटे निकला।

आसमां के तारे भी साथ हो लिए।

बादलों का गुच्छा भी

साथ चलने लगा जैसे।

मानो आज कुदरत भी

जाना चाहती थी, इस दुनिया से दूर।

शोर भरी दुनिया से दूर।

ऊपर देख चांदनी में नूर ढूंढ रहा था।

तभी देखा, ये तारे किसे घूर रहे है ??

फिर कभी बिजली की एक चमक

जैसे उन तारों को बोलती है,

“दूर रहो !! ये दुनिया जालिम है।

खो जाओगे उसके शोर में। “

शायद सच ही तो कह  रही है तारो की अम्मा।

तख्तों- ताज से बड़ा नहीं कुछ इस दुनिया में।

नोटों से रिश्ते और विश्वास ख़रीदे जाते है।

ईमानदारी तो बस अपना वजूद ढूंढती है,

चुप रहती है।

पर जब हम इस शोर से दूर होते है।

 दुनिया के किसी छोर पर होते है।

वक़्त से वक़्त को तलाशते है,

तो इक बात जेहन में आती है।

हम भी तो है !! इस दुनिया में।

इन्ही ख्यालों में डूबे डूबे, नज़र ऊपर डाली।

बादलों का घेरा कुछ छँट सा गया था।

चाँद में चमक कुछ ज्यादा ही थी।

मानो जैसे कह रहा हो।

” बेटा !! शोर तुम्हारे मन में है।

बदलना है, तो खुद को बदलो।

दुनिया का शोर शांत हो जायेगा।”


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Conquest is still On….

A friend of mine told Primer’s of ECG is the best
I must be having no difficulty in its quest
For you must have thought be its jest
As you are a the teacher best.

But who knew time will be so unrest
that it claimed you even before my test
before you could teach me and the rest
Who knew one year will pass in such haste
ECG is still a mystery which only you could conquest….

Teaching ECG requires special art
you were obviously the best Dr.Smart
but after you went to His abode in the divine cart
Thy teachings are my only guide like the periodic chart
and I still struggle to conquer that ECG brat. 

In my every success note you were at par
for even today when you are a star
you smile from above to heal my scar
you have guided me in your blessing’s car
hence you were not just another star

You may be leaving up there in peace
but in our good and bad times of ease
we miss your that smile that never cease
for you treated every needy even without fees
you are truly missed in moments those and these

Your teachings were excellent
that made us in our lives self-reliant
your art of living was always vibrant
when your memories are so torment
certainly you were someone brilliant.

Today when I again look up the sky
I see that star is still shining bright and high
sending me some invisible signals like wi-fi
making me feel that you are there within 
guiding me every now with eyes keen
for my conquest with is still ON….

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Hello, Nirbhaya Here !!!

God created me for you

Without me you are not you

Still you give me a filthy view

Is this why you are the Gen new?

When born in some village or town

There was no one to gift me a gown

But when my brother cried in frown

Gifts were given in red green and brown

When I wanted to go to school

Dad said I must not talk like a fool

Mom said go and wash the clothes in pool

For school is for the boys dashing and cool

When my brother was eighteen

He went to an university for the teen

That’s when I lost my menstrual routine

Just to bear a child to my relatives keen

As my child grew With every passing time

I spent all my day singing him sweet chime

Yet today when I ask him for a drink of lime

He says he has no time for his work is prime

When my husband died in an accident

I delivered a girl unaware of the incident

But my relatives thought it was no coincident

And planned to kill the girl poor and innocent

“OH GOD WHY AGAIN” I cried in pain

For girls life here has no less than vain

Though same blood is running in the vein

The birth of a girl is a loss, while boy is gain

As I scolded the Lord up there with a glare

For he neither protected us nor did he care

My princess touched me with a feeling rare

Someone from within said “hello,Nirbhaya here?”

I knew she was His messanger, she was my dear

Yes yes Nirbhaya is very much here……


(This poem is dedicated to few special people in my life starting from my mother,grandmothers, aunties and a special friend(AS) who hav constantly inspired me to respect womanhood both in their presence and absence…Happy Women’s Day)

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Before My Ink and Prayers Stop…..

Down the memory lane when I walk

With the memoir of our sweet-sour talk

I fail to chalk out the friendship’s depth

That depth which you said was the truth

Whether I was a friend or an acquaintance

Is the question whose answer is beyond my acceptance

For even today I believe that the fragrance

Which we call friendship still has existence

Existence!!  Or it is again a mirage

Stopping me from releasing the rage

Within me locked in thee hearty cage

Or is it just a hope with no ending range

HOPE, that someday you will realize

Our friendship was no deal with an expiry lease

But it’s a book waiting for its release

As you may forget every good thing in ease

But my memories will fail to cease

Neither will my prayer for your well-being decrease

Your actions raise the brow

Of those who never liked us grow

And bring tears with throbbing pain

In eyes that never that honored us again and again

   I always lived for other’s happiness

Thinking that you will be there in my sadness

But with passage of time it seems just a madness

As our friendship was never true in wholeness

Never complained to you for the hurting moments

Where my eyes searched for your clapping movements

When the world honored me for my achievements

Thy presence was this friend’s sole requirement.

When the camera wanted to capture

Our socially famous friendly gesture

You ruthlessly denied standing in a posture

With me as if it was an unhealthy culture

I still never complained to you of the pain

When your actions hurt me like arrows in a chain

For I believed our friendship will never go in vain

And someday you will realize that I am also in pain

Then you will apply some ointment on the injured crease

So my prayers for your happiness will never cease

You may accuse me for being judgemental

As you don’t realize this basic fundamental

That core also bleeds below a strong metal

Heart is not under control of one’s mental

A fight always require two sides

Where both have some egoistic tides

Which clash and blow away everything in a chide

Even then there is some good that still hides

I know my confession has hurt you till the core

But you have punished me for that even more

Make me think that the friendship we ever wore

Was just an imagination off the worldly shore

I was just an acquaintance and nothing more

My prayers will still grow like a tree of pine

For I still believe in these words of mine

Which I speak without any effect of wine

The song I ever wanted to sing with time

Is our sweet friendship’s soothing chime

Hope you don’t forget our friendship

If it ever truly existed in thy fellowship

From your side i may now not be a good friend

But my prayers for you will never cease from my end

You may think you are being cordial

But actually you are in a mode of denial

Even when I have compromised with your ordeal

As for me the friendship was never a deal

I never complained to your rude behavior initially

As I understood the pain I gave emotionally

Believe me the pain here was even more relatively

Because I believed time will heal things smoothly

But it seems you never missed me

Never missed our friendship as ‘we’

It’s high time I tell to thee

Cordiality you speak of I don’t see

Is this our friendship you said was true!!

“Our Friendship??”!! No its better to call

My friendship that’s bleeding due to the awl

Time will not heal anything at all

Until we maturely answer its call

I just hope you read this piece in complete peace

And think of that friend whom you forgot in ease

Hopefully before my ink and my prayers cease……….


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Hope you can read it….

People say love has no language

People say love has no age

Then why is it that not read in one’s rage

As it is the heart that then bleeds inside a cage

Sign is enough to express the feelings

Then why we don’t understand when one stop speaking

As love is not a game of giving and taking

But it is something more than our power of imagining

Love is to read in a mother’s food

So is it present in a father’s advice good

Love is read in grandparent’s toys of wood

And love is in the cousins fast changing mood

All this is good and nice

Only when you can read in between the line

And not let love sublime due reasons not so prime

Hope you only could read thy mind…..

Life is no doubt the best learning experience

That teaches us moral values without much expense

It is this experience that help us remove the suspense

Over love’s deep and vast significance.

Silence at times is very useful

But if this silence is always misunderstood

To be silent is not an idea fruitful

So speak to clear what is not understood

Hope you can read it…..

At times you need to respect other’s feeling

Atleast honor the time they were giving

When you needed reason to remain smiling

And speak to them few words soothing

Time is said to be a good healer

But at times this time can be a killer

As relationships at times need some feelers

That act more just an ordinary breather

When we see a child working

We say the society is torchering

But have we ever spend time reading

The actual cause behind those innocent working

Only if you can read it….

Will you realise that the need love

Love alone will bring for them the dove

And peace will return with the branches of olive

To this land where God once used to live

A woman wants only some dignified place of respect

In return of her great sacrifice protecting our future prospect

But it is the degradation of love in all aspect

That woman now is a victim of gross mass disrespect

Love in friendship is a fortune

Distrust and confusion are only misfortune

That make relations destiny’s cartoon

But the memories are just our good fortune

Remembering which the misfortune will change it’s tune


as i step down the stairs thoughts come down

So all i can say thee is that


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The Beacon in the Dark

'Campus Writing'

The ancient Indian scriptures have described ‘Prakruti’ or ‘Nature’ as a woman who gives birth and nourishes all the living organisms on this Earth. Man without woman is incomplete but it’s sad that even today she is considered to be man’s subordinate or slave. With passage of time human beings have developed but their humanity has under-developed. Earlier when man was not so developed our scriptures say women was a respected mother, wife, sister and daughter. But today it’s a matter of shame that woman is only looked as a mean to satisfy man’s vulturous desires, she is expected to oblige the atrocities done to her and she is called just a ‘Child bearing machine. Today when we talk of woman empowerment, gender bias,50% reservation, woman education and protection they sound more like an electoral promise rather than a since effort to change the society. Had there been sincere effort…

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Brand Jagannath’s Evolution

Image         Image

A couple of days back the Grand Road of Puri was having a very vibrant atmosphere even at the darkest hours of night but today it is deserted, the streets are full of beggars and those people who have no one except the Lord as their shelter. But this serene silence the Grand road (BADA DAANDA) is the mute spectator of the events that led to the evolution of a brand called ‘Jagannath’, a culture that is universal and a lord who is omnipresent. Before I get going a short preface to the main is as follows:

The other day on the occasion of ‘Niladri Bije’ the day when Lord Jagannath,Balabhadra,Subhdra and Sudarshan were getting ready to return to their palace(The SriMandir) after a 12day long tour of  the lord’s birthplace (The Gundicha Mandir) popularly known as Ratha Yatra or the Car Festival. It was His grace that he called me and gave me the golden opportunity of embracing as well as kissing the Lords. As I was enjoying the divine company a question came to my mind- “O Lord are you man or God?? You are simple and at the same time the most complex…who are you?? Why are you the heartbeat of so many regional, national and international people?? What is this Rath Yatra all about??”  Just then a voice from within told –

Niladro sankha madhye sata daal kamala ratana-singha sanastam

                  Sarvaalankar juktam navaghana ruchiram sanjutam chagra jenam

                 Bhadraya vama bhage ratha charana krutam

               Vedanam saara mekam srujana parihatam brahma-rudrendra vandyama

              Sakala bhubitalam brahma daaru smarami…”

The lord had answered my questions so beautifully. He introduced himself as that that lives at the center of a conch shaped place known as Niladri or Puri on a throne under which many valuable stones are present. On the rath He is the one who comes with his elder brother and sister, He is the confluence of all Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures for they are created from him only. He is that before whom even Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, and Lord Indra (The King of Gods) bow, the whole world is under his feet yet he is but only an idol made out of wood and it is to this lord the whole world is paying respect to.

A friend of mine had asked me whether Jagannath is going to his maternal house or to the house of his maternal aunt. That friend was curious to know about Jagannath and his cult for being new to Odisha it was surprising for my friend to know that in this place Jagannnath is the heart-beat of even a non-aesthetic person. At that time I had planned to write this article about the Jagannathian brand but probably my preparedness was not sufficient so I lost the initial write-ups or maybe it was His wish to first enlighten me before I enlighten others. Now that my thoughts have His approval I guess at the end of this article I’ll be able to prove why Jagannath is not just a God but a brand and the soul of not only odias or Indians but of many international persons.

To know the brand value of Jagannath we first need to know the genesis of Jagannathian cult. By Jagannathian cult I mean the culture of “Basudheva kutumbakam”i.e a culture that carries affects everyone irrespective of caste, creed, language, region and most importantly religion. The Jagannath we see or hear of today was initially called NILAMADHABA. The journey from Nilamadhaba to Jagannath and the evolution of Jagannath have travelled hand in hand. Nilamadhaba was like any normal statue of Lord Vishnu with four arms carrying Shankha, Chakra, Gada and Padma the only uniqueness was that it was made out of a blue stone. Nilamadhaba was restricted to knowledge of one particular tribe that resided in the hills of Nilagiri along the coast of Bay of Bengal. For most part nilamadhaba was like just another idol of Lord Vishnu in India but slowly Nilamadhaba wanted to expand and express himself before the whole world. But the acceptance was difficult as then the Hindus were grossly divided into 2sects-the shivaits (believed in lord Shiva) and the vaishnavits (believed in Lord Vishnu) so in such a situation it was difficult for a 3rd lord to gain importance. As of result of this conflict Nilamabhaba split into Shankarshan(incarnation of Shiva) and Madhusudan(incarnation of Vishnu). I am talking here of the evolution of the trinity that are worshipped now in Puri so all the divisions are actually division in form of idols and their worship. After having satisfied the two major sects of Hinduism Shankarshan and Madhusudan freed themselves from the tribal culture. They were now Hindu Gods. But slowly the importance of female power gained prominence and Hinduism saw the birth of another sect i.e. the Shaktas(believers of Shakti/feminine power).With the new sect Nilamabhdhab who had already split into 2 was now divided into 3- Shankarshan, Madhusudan and Bhubaneswari(form of Shakti).With this came the culture of trinity worship.

The evolution didn’t stop with the start of trinity worship. For the aim of these deities was to expand universally. The deities had already acquired an n honorable position in the Hindu religion but they were far away from the general public as Gods and Goddesses were then properties of the purohits, sadhus and mahatmas. As Vishnu was the considered to be the coolest among all three people were able to connect  with Vishnu more easily.  Thus  Madhusudhan became Purusottom( the greatest of all men) and was actually looked upon by all. Shankarshan, Bhubaneswari and Purusottom were now Lords of public and not merely some particular group. A major change came when Adi Shankarachrya came to then Purusotom dham( now Puri). He christened the three idols as Balabhadra,Subhadra and Purusottom.Iin an attempt to establish a common style of worship he established the family relationships i.e. Balabhadra is the elder brother and Purusottom the younger and in between them was Subhdra the sister of two. This relationship of brother-sister brought the deities so close to the general public  Shankarachrya later declared Puri as the last of dham of the four holiest places of Hindu religion. The cult of the trinity was spreading like forest fire amongst the Hindu society. But the spread was even faster in other religions. At that time Odisha was a major center  of Buddhism and Jainism. The prominent priests of those religions were then in search of such a deity holding whose hand their religion’s very existence could be saved. The Buddhist found that deity in the eyes of Purusottom(The two huge eyes of Jagannath),which according to the Vajaryani sect of Buddhism was actually a form of tantra and called him Tathagat. The Jains found similar facts about Purusottom as Rushavnath which brought them closer. The Buddhist called Purusottom Jagannath as per their tantra. Jagannath thus came into existence due to Buddhism but it actually boomeranged and Buddhism surrendered before Jagannath. Buddha now acquired the controversial position of being the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Jagannath literally means Lord of Universe. But Jagannath till then was only a Hindu lord. In order to justify His new name he had to spread

Guru Nanak of Sikh religion, Muslims like Salabega and Kabir and now even Christians have accepted his Lordship. Europeans and devotees from other parts  of the world use to come to Puri during Car Festival and dance engrossed them with deep devotion to lord. Chaitanya’s  Krishnalisation of Jagannath was actually a huge boost and is actually the biggest turning point in the evolution of Brand Jagannath. He introduced Jagannath as Krishna to the world and Balabhadra as Balaram,the elder brother of Krishna. The famous verse ‘HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA’ spread universally crossing all the regional and religion boundaries. Bhakti Vedanta Prabhupad the founder of ISKON continued the work of Chaitanya and through ISKON made Jagannath universal. But still there was this gap of ‘bhakat & bhagwan’. Jagannath could not have become a brand ambassador of the public as he was the God and not just any human being like Amitabh Bachchan or Sachin Tendulkar or Barack Obama or Vajpayee. To become a brand He needs to come down from his divine form to the human form. Lord Rama became people’s ideal and not just an idol, Lord Krishna became the guide of all humanity and his words became Shrimad Bhagvat Gita, Heavenly Father was accepted only in the form of Jesus and people prayed to Allah in the form of Prophet Muhammad. All this happened because the Gods were personified as being one amongst all the Homo sapiens. Hence Jagannath also had to connect Himself with the masses.

The poets,historians,playwriters,kings,ministers and many other well to do peoples of the then society took the charge of personifying Jagannath. Jagannath now have a family which is just like any other normal Indian family. Balabhadra being the eldest of them all is the head of the family and his wife is Goddess Bimala, Jagannath is the younger brother and has two wives- Mahalaxmi and Kamala(both are connected with the wives of Krishna-Rukmini and Satyabhama), Subhadra is the two brother’s dearest sister whose husband is Arjuna(as per the legends of Mahabharata). Lord Jagannath’s birthplace is Gundicha Temple( the place where he visits for 9days during the Rath Yatra) and his uncle’s house is in Sakhigopal(a place 18kms away from Puri). His father in-law is Sea God otherwise called Mahodadhi(because Mahalaxmi was born from the sea as per some purana). Jagannath is very obedient to Balabhadra and that is the reason why Balabhadra being the eldest is given all the respects first. It is a fact that though Jagannath is the main deity of Srimandir but it is Balabhadra who is the owner of the temple. All the properties of the temple are in Balabhadra’s name and Jagannath is but just an ambassador even within the family. 200mts from the main temple of Puri is the temple of Maa Dakshin Kali and she is considered the god- mother of Jagannath. But all these relationships were not enough. People wanted him to be closer. Hence like God he fulfilled the wishes and came even closer.

A God never gets ill but a man does. So after taking the Grand Bath from 108pots of water in front of the public Jagannath falls sick. He is completely bed-ridden and just like us when ill he never meets anyone for 15days. Fever for 15days just by taking a bath according to medical science is very rare and here he proves His divinity. In general he is suffering from fever and the King of Puri orders the best physician to treat him who after 15days informs the king that the Lords are fit. But in order to keep his divinity safe he makes the people feel his heat. Those 15days the climate all over the state is generally very hot and humid. After 15days of bed-rest the lord’s want to refresh themselves. For a child the best place of refreshment is in his mother’s lap. So Jagannath goes with his brother and sister to their birthplace on a 9day tour on the three huge Raths made of wood. This is known as the World famous Ratha yatra or the CAR FESTIVAL. Here again to show his Godliness in human form he comes out in his main form(the main deities and not their representative) and gives the opportunity to those who cannot enter his temple to come and hug him. On the way to Gundicha temple he stays for a while near the temple of his aunt or Mausi(mother’s sister) to eat the famous poda-pitha or the rice cake. On return to the main temple Jagannath have a fight with Laxmi like any other normal husband and wife. On the occasion of ‘Niladri Bije’ just as Jagannath is about to enter the temple Laxmi shuts the door. She expresses her anger to Jagannath for not taking her for the tour but taking sister Subhadra( a typical jealously between bhabi and nanand). Then like in any family the quarrel is settled by Balabhadra the family’s head. Jagannath as per the pact gifts Laxmi sweets(rasgulla),sarees and jewels and promises to her next time. These are just few examples of personification of Jagannath there are many such examples which will be discussed in some other context.

It is these personalization that brought Jagannath closer to his devotees. The general public right from a beggar to a king connects with him. He is the father,brother,husband and son for many and so is he the mother,sister,wife and daughter of the rest. No God is scolded as ruthlessly as is Jagannath  because for a those who scold him He is not their God but their family their blood relative. Yet there is no God who is the soul of not just odias but of the whole universe. It may be very easy for a beggar  to meet him  who can offer nothing to him but it will be impossible for many established persons who can offer him anything to even reach Puri meeting him is a further affair. It is this uniqueness of Jagannath that today he is not just a God or God man but he is the brand of all brand ambassadors. Anything related to him has sky high values. His clothes, his rope, his food, his stale food or dry tulsi,his bathing water or this rehydration drink, his chariot, his road, his everything is both divine as well as materialistic. Rabindranath Tagore had rightly said-

“ Ratha kahe aami deb , Patha kahe aami deb

Sakale kahe aami deb, dekhi haase upar antarjami”

He is a mystery that mystifies as you get deeper and deeper but at the same time he is the simplest truth of this world. Today he is a Lord with universal acceptance and his brand value is ever-increasing year by year. This is evident from  the increasing number of devotees reaching to Puri during the Car Festival every year. Every year the number of people from outside India is increasing and it’s all because his JAGAT_NATH (Lord of Universe). Finally i can only say one thing that this brand is ever-evolving and what I said is actually what He made me say for without his help no one can write anything about him.


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